SIX connection prerequisites:

  • global internet connectivity, own AS number
  • connection to SIX point of presence
  • if the SIX router is installed in shared SIX racks, maximum height is 3U.
  • All ports in datacentre STU Bratislava are available in both fiber and copper variants.
  • From datacentre Sitel Bratislava we're providing backhaul connections to SIX via single-mode optical fibers.

When the applicant meets the above prerequisites, SIX will sign the connection contract.

Connection to SIX could be arranged in datacentres STU Bratislava and Sitel Bratislava.

Optical connections with 10 km transceivers could be delivered immediately after contract signature (HW is on stock).


Acceptable use policy

SIX peering members are required to:

  • ensure proper exchange of routing information using the BGP4 protocol (static routing is not allowed)
  • use only the provided ip address on the router connected to SIX backbone
  • use only a single MAC address for connection to SIX and notify its change to SIX in advance
  • label all their equipment located in SIX with the company name
  • maintain their equipment and their configuration in an operational state, repair and report any malfunction immediately after its discovery. The reports are realized through a dedicated mailing list that includes all the SIX members and SIX management. Alternatively you can arrange a maintenance contract with the SIX.
  • record all announced networks into the RIPE routing database and ensure periodic actualization of those records
  • ensure maximal possible aggregation of routing entries
  • prevent any routing loops


SIX peering members are not allowed to:

  • interfere with any equipment belonging to other peering members or any other equipment located within the facility
  • announce networks that do not belong to the member, his customers, or other organizations that use his network for backup or transit
  • announce networks of other peering members outside the range they have agreed upon
  • generate excessive route-flaps.


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